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LC4U is our most flexible LifeClub for you!

If you want to transform the rush and haste of the day into a light and peaceful life of joy and happiness, then the LC4U is for you.

    What is the LC4U about?

  • Practice to focus on what you can change.
  • Learn to love yourself, the Source, and the people you are surrounded with unconditionally.
  • Create yourself a reality of like-minded mutual supporting people
  • Be who you are and contribute with your unique gifts.
  • Experience a world of unity to create a world of unity.
    Your Benefits

  • flexible membership options (monthly or yearly membership)
  • about 2 meet ups per month
  • individual topics and insights per meet up
  • real-life community of like-minded people
  • affordable for everyone who values inner peace and heart-happiness.

LC90 is the 90-day intense life-changing program of our LifeClub for immediate results!

If you want to become more aware of your life priorities and get to focus better on the things that really matter to you, then the LC90 is for you.

    What is the LC90 about?

  • Gain clarity and ease concerning your life priorities.
  • Learn how to be true to yourself throughout your day-to-day life.
  • Practice to say no (and yes) with joy and in alignment with your inner voice.
  • Find out about your personal unique strengths.
  • Discover your individual balance of giving, receiving, and contributing with what you have and what you are.
    Your Benefits

  • Proven 90-day-program that will transform your life.
  • 7 insight and action based core meetings in person.
  • A Weekly focus that provides new ideas combined with daily practice.
  • Intimate group setting of not exceeding 6 participants.
  • Strong community of high performers who are willing to extend their comfort zone, and go for their best self.

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