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What are you here for? What is you unique gift to deliver to the world?


How would your life be different if you lived your life's purpose consistently and fearlessly?


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Do you long for deeper and more fulfilling relationships?

Do you want to rekindle passion in your romantic relationship?

Do you sometimes feel misunderstood, not seen for who you really are, or lonely?

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Do you feel stuck at where you are in your career?
Do you feel as if you would cut off your wings by committing to only one thing at a time?

Do your finances check out, but you are unfulfilled with what you do, or vice versa?

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About Marlene Helm, certified SI Life Coach


  • 2010 degree ‘Staatsexamen’ German Studies and Music (University and HMT Leipzig)
  • since 2010 Piano & Music Teacher, Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Aroma Consultant, Meditation Teacher
  • since 2016 qualification and working as Strategic Interventionist and Results- & Life Coach; certified SI Life Coach with RMT Robbins Madanes Training (founded by Anthony Robbins and Cloe Madanes)
  • further qualifications: Life Consultant; Reading & Channeling Practitioner; Raindrop Practitioner; Visioning; HDS (Human Design System)

My Services – YOUR Options

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I share mind shifting thoughts, uplifting insights and challenge your thinking with game-changing questions!

This is my gift for YOU! 


Are you on good terms with life? You have already achieved extraordinary things in your life and are making a great living. You are happy with what you have and what you are, but still – you feel that there is more to you, than the life you are living right now.  

You don’t want to doubt, trouble or pressure yourself by constantly raising the bar but, at the same time you don’t feel like keeping your life as it is – something seems to be missing, you just can’t figure out what it is…


My tailor-made coaching is your deep dive to the life you truly long for. I remind you of what you are here for and work with you one-on-one to bring forward your what is already inside of you – and therefore make you create the life you love and deserve!




You will be able to step up and go beyond the limited world you created for yourself, that doesn’t serve you anymore – to live that fulfilled and fulfilling life you so desperately want to live.



if you really want to create the life you love!

The LifeClub

Are you here to serve the world with your unique gift? You don’t give up when you feel, what’s right. You are a Visionary, High Performer, Leaders – you love to contribute and serve the world in order to make it a better one.

But… you feel lonely from time to time, because even though you are valued and admired for what you do you can’t share your deepest fears and struggles with anyone, because you need to be strong and sure to give the people in your life stability and direction? Or maybe, just no-one would understand?

The LifeClub is your place to be to enjoy the challenges of leadership in a setting of like-minded High-Performers – and have fun along the bumpy road of your mission!



 POWERFUL COMMUNITY for World-Peace Lovers & Impossibility Challengers.



Marlene Helm hat mich in unseren Coach Sitzungen alleine durch ihre
offene und positive Art in meinem Tun bestärkt. Bei Marlene merkt man
sofort dass sie sehr strukturiert ist und eine wahnsinnig große
Lebensfreude besitzt, welche in unseren Sitzungen spürbar und ansteckend
war. Sie ist ein faszinierender Mensch, welcher inspiriert, reflektiert
und motiviert. Mit ihren Methoden und Techniken kann ich nun mein Leben
besser strukturieren, welches sich dadurch nicht mehr so schwer anfühlt.

Rebecca K.


The coaching sessions I had with Marlene were absolutely transformational. Through her support, guidance, and loving presence I was able to move through some patterns I have been experiencing for as long as I can remember. I’m so excited to finally be on the other side. I would highly recommend Marlene for any type of coaching and support that one needs through any situation or pattern in their life. Thank you Marlene!
Niki R.


Was ich besonders an Marlenes Art des Coachings schätze, ist ihre fachliche Kompetenz und die Fähigkeit, die Gespräche so zu führen, dass man von sich aus zur Selbsterkenntnis gelangt. Sie kann sehr gut den Blickwinkel ihres Klienten erfassen und mit dem Blick von außen in Relation setzen. Das hat es mir z.B. ermöglicht, mich von meinen Vorbehalten und Ängsten zu lösen und mehr in meine eigene liebende Natur zu kommen.
Ich hatte bei Marlene nie das Gefühl, etwas aufgezwungen zu bekommen oder in eine bestimmte Richtung gedrängt zu werden. Es war vielmehr wie das Ankommen im eigenen Element. Danke Marlene!

Ulrike L.